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Within the context of the inter-regional project on “Capacity building for Sustainable Utilization, Management and Protection of Internationally Shared Groundwater in the Mediterranean Region”.

The United Nations Economic & Social Commission forWestern Asia (ESCWA),was jointly organizing with the Regional Center for Training and Water Studies (RCTWS) at the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Network on Groundwater in the Arab Region (NGWP), UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization-International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO-IHP) and UN-Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) a training seminar on “Groundwater Modelling and Data Analysis”. This seminar was taken place from 1 to 8 December 2006 at RCTWS, Egypt.



There were 9 participants in this training course one of them is Eng. Amjad Assi from House of Water and Environment the others are Mr. Ismail Karray (Water Resources, Tunisia), Mr. Nidal Khalifa (Groundwater Modeller, Jordan), Mrs. Mona Fakih (Head of Service of Research and Hydraulic Structures, Lebanon), Mr. Hassan Fayad (Director Deputy, Syria), Mr. Ahmad Abdallah (Hydrogeologist in ACSAD, Syria), Mrs. Halima Mamou (Research Groundwater, Tunisia), Mr. Mohamed Hindi (Civil Engineer at Water Research Institute for Groundwater, Egypt), and Mrs. Heba Abdel Aziz (Civil Engineer at Water Research Institute for Groundwater, Egypt).

Areas of work

HWE works closely with Newcastle University (UK) and many other international institutions and funding agencies such as UNESCO, ESCWA, CEDARE, UNU, USAID, DFID, AFD, GTZ, GWP, EUWI, JICA, ACSAD, BGR, EU, etc.

Main Goals

HWE offers a wide variety of services in water, sanitation and environmental engineering and science from the needs identification stage to the elaboration of tender documents, supervision of works and technical assistance.